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About IV Studio

IV Studio is a unique interior design studio that aims to empower customers to truly understand themselves and their personal style. The studio believes that interior design is not just about following trends, but about helping customers discover their own unique vision for their space. With a client-centric approach, IV Design Studio works closely with each individual to understand their preferences, lifestyle, and personality, allowing them to truly reflect their essence in their space. By encouraging self-reflection and collaboration, IV Design Studio creates personalized interiors that are a perfect reflection of the client's individuality, resulting in spaces that are truly perfect for them.

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Ido Vinakur is an interior designer who explores the meaning of the concept of home, its dynamics, and the influence of its spaces on the well-being and actions of its inhabitants. I believe in creating spaces that serve their owners both functionally and spiritually, allowing them to tell their ever-changing story over the years. I aspire to design spaces that accompany their residents through the beautiful and challenging moments in their lives, providing them with a sense of comfort and abundance in their private sanctuary.

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