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Gal and Lior's Apartment

Tel aviv-Israel | 2023

Gal and Lior's

This apartment was designed for a family that resides abroad most of the year and purchased it to accommodate their visits to Israel, which occur several times a year. Originally, the apartment is a two-room flat with an area of about 55 square meters, located in the center of Tel Aviv. The goal of this project was to create spacious public spaces while providing private spaces for all family members, maintaining a high quality of life despite the limited space of the apartment.

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Plan 01 - Day time arrangement

Plan 02 - Night time arrangment

To achieve this goal, we demolished almost all the built walls within the apartment to create an open and spacious area that includes the living room and kitchen. This space offers various communication and interaction options for the family during daily activities such as cooking, eating, playing, etc.

To generate private spaces, we used custom carpentry work. The living room is elevated on a platform that conceals the parents' bed underneath a wooden sliding door, creating a versatile space that adapts according to need: a living room during the day and a bedroom at night.

The children's rooms were built following a similar logic to bunk beds. Each child has a sleeping space and a private area. The space is divided, so the upper level serves as a sleeping area (accessible by ladder), while the lower level functions as a private space that includes a wardrobe and a writing desk. Although minimalistic, these rooms enable each child to have the feeling of having their private space.

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