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Café naima

Naima is a cafe and roastery located in downtown Haifa, that opened their doors in 2021 with the goal of creating an inclusive hub for exploring the rapidly growing world of specialty coffee in a city with a long-standing coffee culture.

Naima17021 plan.png

Graham and Uri approached me with a request to develop a coffee roasting place with them, which would serve as a kind of "coffee lab." The goal was to give customers the opportunity to be present in the coffee process from the moment it left the sack until it reached the cup.
The approach was minimalist, using a limited palette of materials to give the coffee-making process centre stage and enrich the knowledge of the customers about this process.
The end result was a coffee roastery that became a home to a colourful population, including artists and designers, and a vibrant place with good music and an atmosphere of love and creativity.

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