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Naima roastery

Naima is a cafe and roastery located in downtown Haifa, that opened their doors in 2021 with the goal of creating an inclusive hub for exploring the rapidly growing world of specialty coffee in a city with a long-standing coffee culture.

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Naima Café is expanding, following the success of Haifa's Naima Cafe located on Yafo Street, owners Uri and Graham were granted the opportunity to open another coffee roasting establishment. Their new venue is Naima’s roasting house, situated in the downtown flea market on Wadi Salib Street. The building is an Ottoman-era preservation structure that served as a Turkish bathhouse (Hammam) in the 1950s. Wadi Salib is a very colorful street inhabited by a diverse population including flea market vendors, design students, artists, and more. The street is experiencing growth, and the aspiration is to add more color and contribute to the developing atmosphere of the area.

Upon my first visit to the site, I was struck by the stunning structure with its pointed arches and stone walls that are over a century old. I understood that in such a place, one must not interfere too much. Any changes made will be done with caution and delicacy, respecting the historical elements that exist within the space. Therefore, I used a limited palette of materials in their natural state to communicate with the character of the place and serve as a continuation of Naima’s "coffee laboratory" on Yafo Street.

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