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Tal And Ido's Apartment

Givatayim Israel | 2023

Tal And Ido's Apartment

This apartment was designed for a young career-oriented couple who have just started their life together. Originally, it is a two-room apartment, around 67 square meters, located in the entertainment centre of Givatayim. The project's goal was to create a single space that divides into two, allowing the couple to have room for movement in an open space while maintaining intimacy in the work and sleep areas and increasing the natural light in the apartment.

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After (Hover over the picture to see the "before" state)

To achieve this goal, I removed almost all of the separating walls between the spaces to create two areas - a sleeping area with a work corner and a large public space. This was done using custom-designed carpentry that combines functions and transparent partitioning through a showcase that can be opened almost completely, allowing the spaces to connect. This resulted in a larger and more spacious bedroom, freer and more fluid movement, and a lighter apartment.

The apartment is surrounded by vegetation, so I decided to emphasize the use of wooden materials in the apartment, as well as natural white shades, in order to bring the calmness of nature inside and provide relaxation from the noisy street and the high pace of life. Additionally, I maintained a minimalist material palette with bright and warm colors to give the couple a sense of maximum serenity when they are in their apartment.

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